Soothe and revitalise dry skin with COZENA Crystal Cool Cleanser, a deeply hydrating cleanser suitable for normal to dry skin.This cleanser is designed to soothe sensitive skin that can be prone to irritation and eczema. The soap-free, non-foaming lotion helps to keep your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Expertly sweeping away dirt, excess oil and impurities without stripping away moisture, the cleanser uses Hyaluronic Acid to strengthen and restore the natural barrier function for long-lasting hydration. Time-release technology ensures skin stays bright, clear and refreshed throughout the day and night.




Crystal Cool Cleanser

Hydrating Series

Hydra Boost Mist

COZENA Hydra Boost Mist contains healthy and skin-friendly ingredients that formulated mainly to create a moisture barrier that deeply moisturizes dehydrated skin and prevents from moisture loss for a long time.

This Hydra Boost Mistwithout much stickness and greasiness.It is really an ideal conditioner for all skin types.




Hydra Boost Serum

Ultra Hydro Cream

COZENA Ultra Hydro Cream is lightweight formula encourage ideal hydration levels by attracting and sealing in moisture throughout the day.It is formulated to help boost skin's barrier function to help protect from dehydrating effects of external elements like wind,cold and dry air.

This formula helps to increase moisture for deep hydration and nourished to support healthy skin elasticity.Specifically designed for normal to oily skin.




COZENA Hydra Boost Serum nourishes and replenishes dull ,lackluster skin to leave it looking healthy and refreshed.Potent water-veil and infusing serum instanly delivers relieving, reviving hydration to all thristy skin. 

High -efficiency serum concentrate with extreme hydration complex, incorporating onto the skin to help repair and reinvigorate critical water reserves within the surface skin cells.