Royal Jelly Facial Wipe Paper 50pcs/box

Cozena Royal Jelly Facial Wipe Paper is a water soluble product, while cleaning the skin at the same time, refreshing moisturizing,make skin delicate and smooth.


1. Cleaning up to the inside
2. Can cure your acne
3. Remove the oil from your skin
4. Skin become light after use
5. Remove the blackhead and whitehead
6. As a makeup removal
7. Can remove greasy makeup
8. Suitable for sensitive skin
9. Anti-aging


Royal Jelly, Glycerin , Rose Oil, Citric Acid , Sodium Hyaluronate


  1. Keep hands dry
  2. take 1 pieces ,add a liltte water
  3. Gently rub to bring out the bubbles
  4. Clean the targeted parts
  5. Rinse with water
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